Go To Know is the first company in Egypt that is specialized in organizing recreational & educational, escorted, Trips for school & university students, we are specialized in putting together trips that not only take our students to new places but also add to their knowledge and experience and, above all, satisfy their curiosity.

Riham Ismail
On behalf of 46 students and 4 team members of International School of Choueifat – Cairo, would like to Thank You on a great trip to Luxor over their winter holiday.The service of your esteemed company was magnificent, your attention to details and flexibility was beyond imaginable. Your tour guides were great and very warm and friendly with our students, please Thank them on our behalf.Being  the first trip with our two companies, I am very proud to have a truly great company present in Egypt and that their main purpose is to educate the students.Also the Go and Share shows what great devotion you have to the community, which shows there are still good in our beloved Country. You have managed because of your generosity to put a smile on 40 Orphans and made them a memorable trip with our students.Longing forward to more trips with your company and years of partnership to come.Thank you again.Regards,
Shaneikiah Bickham
Thank you so much for being understanding about the cancellations. I also wanted to send an e-mail to you expressing my deepest gratitude for the trip! I felt that your company was very organized and well managed. The students enjoyed themselves, and the chaperones did too! I will let other teachers know about the trips you mentioned because I was very impressed with the service, and I think they will be too!Many thanks,
Sarah Loat
After a spectacular four days in beautiful Luxor, huge thanks to our amazing friends at Go To Know who provide fun and educational trips for kids. They spoiled us with superstar Egyptologist guides who enthralled and captivated every single one of us, and really brought the magic of the pharaohs to life.Go to Know also donate part of their profits to providing the same exciting experiences for disadvantaged Egyptian kids, and took children from The Sunshine Project - Friends in Egypt with our kids from Choueifat. Here they are, best of friends, altogether at Karnak Temple. Egyptians past and present you are truly magnificent and inspiring! :))))
Dave Poad
Many thanks for your efforts last week.  I was impressed at how well organized the cruise wa.  The ship’s crew were also excellent and were considerate and welcoming to our children and staff throughout. The guide for the group I was with was excellent.  He knew how to engage the children and when to stop talking.I look forward to working with you again.Best wishes,
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