Go Abroad


In Abroad ,  we offer a wide variety of trips which mix  fun with education, programs differ between language trips , where our students will be able to enhance their language skills, along with different new experience such as skiing in north Italy,  having a football training in the mother country of Football, England,  and a lot of other options.

Go To London

Midland Camp & London

Go To Rome & Florence

Go To Rome, Florence & Ferrari

Go To Rome Florence, Ferrari & Venice

Go To Rome, Florence, Ferrari, Venice & Milan

Go To Rome, Pisa, Florence, Napoli, Sorrento, Capri

Go To Barcelona

Go To Paris

Normandy Chateau & Paris

Go To Ski In Italy

Go To Kick In Manchester

Go For Language In Europe 

Belgium & Normandy WWII History

Go To Athens & Delphi

Go To Budapest

Go To Istanbul

Go To Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands & Ipoh

Go To Mexico City, Yucatan & Cancun

Go To Munich & BMW

Go To Ski in Mzaar Lebanon

Go To Toronto, Ontario & Montreal

NASA Space Camp & New York

NASA Space Camp & Orlando