Cruise To The Past, Along The Nile

Here students will go back more than 4000 years ago and see the treasures of the Ancient Egyptians, in a Nile Cruise that passes from one era to another. The students will navigate from Luxor, googleearth_icon1 25°41’15N 32°38’21E , where they will see the Complex of Karnak , Luxor Temple, the amazing Valley of the Kings, and the Temple of Hatschepsut . They will then pass by Esna Lock, googleearth_icon1 25°19’03N 32°33’06E , and see how the water level of the Nile changes to let boats pass, then they will arrive to Edfu and ride a “Hantour “ to the Temple of Horus googleearth_icon1 24°58’38N 32°52’21E . They will proceed navigation to Kom Ombo  to see the Temple of Sobek & Haroeris  googleearth_icon1 24°27’07N 32°55’42E, where they will see the oldest solar calendar in the world . They will then end cruise in Aswan , googleearth_icon1 24°05’21N 32°53’58E, where they will go to the Temple of Isis on Philae island ,googleearth_icon1 24°01’29N 32°53’02E , and lastly to the High Dam , googleearth_icon1 23°58’12N 32°52’35E. Or do the same itinerary but from Aswan to Luxor.

In this interesting and exciting voyage, they will see Massive Temples, Pylons, extremely deep tombs engraved in the mountains. They will ride a “Hantour” and sail in Felucca. And still more to see, when they end their trip in the Nubian Village. They will learn about this part of Egypt staying in a Nubian house and listening to a Nubian song.  On board they will enjoy sailing among green fields, date palms, sand desert, mountains, and will enjoy their time on board having a lot of fun, games, and a Galabeya Party where they will get themselves dressed in one of the many Egyptian styles of clothing.

Nile Cruise: 4 Nights From Luxor To Aswan

Nile Cruise: 3 Nights From Aswan To Luxor