I’m a parent interested in Go To Know for my son/daughter next trip – what to do?

We’re glad you’ve found your way to our company! If you’re interested in discussing our trips, please give us a call at  02-25032820 or 01020110041,2,3  and speak to our reservation department. We’ll be happy to discuss all aspects of any trip with you. You could also send us an e-mail any time at info@go-toknow.com

Detailed individual trip descriptions can be found right here on our website.

Why should I choose Go to know?

We provide a totally unique mix of fun, learning, and cultural immersion on every one of our trips. Each trip that we organize guarantees for participants the ability to learn different issues, sports, places, skills, cultures, people, as well as allowing participants to meet new friends and enjoy their time through adventurous and fun activities organized by our professional, responsible and, all the while, fun escorting staff.

Our escorting staff is carefully selected with a sense of responsibility, and is well trained on how to give the maximum care to students, as well as handling emergencies. Our staff goes through a professional course on psychology with specific reference to children and teens. They are certified in First Aid & CPR courses, and their cellular phones are available 24 hours a day during the trip.

We maintain very strict safety procedures and rules. When designing our programs and choosing a hotel or activity center, the safety & security regulations of each place are the first issues we check.

Who can go on your trips?

Students from 06 till 21 years old may participate in our trips. While this is a broad age range, in each trip will be mentioned clearly the age segment required

What is included in the price of the trip?

We price all of our trips to be inclusive of accommodations, transportation, 3 meals a day, mineral water, entrance fees  to all sights and monuments, guides, travel insurance, airfare or train tickets , taxes and tips. Our trip prices do not include souvenirs, shopping, snacks, internet & laundry.

Will the students be accompanied by a trip escort at all times?

Students are not allowed to leave their Escort during the trip. Nevertheless, and according to the students’ age and the place that is visited, the Escort will decide if, and when, to allow free time.

What happens if a child gets sick or injured?

Our staff is trained to be very sensitive to the physical conditions of the students traveling with us, and we take their health and safety extremely seriously. All our trip escorts are certified in First Aid and CPR & they carry 1st aid bag & medicine kits with over the counter medicines in them to treat common sicknesses, and our policy is always to check with the parents of the child before administering any type of medicine.

If a student becomes seriously ill, we will not hesitate to visit a doctor or the best available hospital, all while maintaining regular contact with the parents of the student. Kindly check the benefits of our Travel Insurance Policy.

What types of accommodations do you use? What rules you follow while accommodating?

Our two most important criteria for our accommodations are that they are safe and clean. We prefer to use small hotels where is safer and easier to follow up with students.

No single accommodations are allowed. Students will only be in double or triple rooms. For out-bound trips, accommodation could be in triple or quadruple rooms. For students who need special care (such as those with allergies, or those who need to take medicine, etc), arrangements are made in advance and the utmost care is given in such circumstances.

What are the rules on your trips, and how do you enforce them?

Our trips are not loaded with tons of rules, however we do have few unbreakable rules, which can result in a participant being sent home at their parent’s expense:

1. No leaving the group without permission of a staff member
2. No drugs
3. No alcohol

Parents should make sure their sons & daughters know that any disrespect of above rules may result in being sent home early at your expense.

How do you get to and from the destination? Do you arrange pick up & drop off?

Pick-up time and place will be specified for each trip, taking into consideration (as much as possible) the place of residence of the students, and will be arranged with the parents/students 48 hours before the trip day. Students are kindly requested to be present at least 15 minutes before the arranged pick-up time as the trip escort will not be allowed to wait, in case of a delay, so as be on time and keep to the trip schedule. The drop-off location will be in the same place as the pick-up location.

How do you deal with food allergies, specific dietary requirements, medical treatment…etc ?

We can accommodate special diets with advance notice and communication.  Parents are requested to give us all details while filling the application form.

What kind of insurance do you provide?

Go to know in collaboration with the world leading insurance company AIG (Travel Guard Chartis), provides all students with coverage of a travel insurance policy that has different, valuable benefits. This policy is provided to all our students include those who participate for only one day trips.

How the “Minimum number of Participants” works?

Unless the trip is exclusive for a specific school, each trip is required to reach a minimum number of participants. This doesn’t mean, however, that the required number of students all need to book reservations together. According to the trip calendar, we collect reservations of different students from different schools until we reach the minimum number needed to confirm the trip. If we cannot reach the minimum in time, we will offer an alternative date, an alternative trip, or we will fully refund the trip price.

What is the Language of Guided Trips?

There are 2 modes regarding the language of the guided trips where a tour guide is provided:-

If the trip is exclusive to a specific school or a group of students of the same school, the main language of the school will be applied. If the group is composed of students from several schools, then English will be the language of the guided trip.

For Out-Bound trips what is the procedures, are visa fees included in the cost?

Students should have a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months and parents are kindly requested to provide any documents that Embassies might ask for. Please note that the decision to approve the entry visa is taken only by the Embassy and without any guarantee from our side. In case the Embassy refuses to provide the entry visa, a full refund of the trip price will be done accordingly. It is important to notice that some embassies do not refund the Visa fees when the entry visa is refused. However, due to entry visa procedures for most of the countries, we advise to make the reservation for the trip at least 2 months in advance…Visa costs are not included in the trip price

For Out-Bound trips, is airfare included in the cost? Can I use frequent flier miles for my child’s seat on the group flight?

For Out-Bound trips we give the price of flight tickets separately & parents are welcome to use frequent flier miles to book their sons/daughters ticket on the group flight if there are frequent flier seats available.

What is your payment Conditions?

A down payment of 50% of the trip price can be done on the booking date with the remaining payment to be settled 30 days before the trip. If the booking date is done less than 30 days before the trip date, full payment is requested to be settled at the time of making the reservations.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

For In-bound trips, In case one needs to cancel a reservation, the following cancellation policies will be applied;

For Out-bound trips, cancellation policy differs from a trip to another; however, full details will be advised at the time of reservation.

In case of trips that include flight tickets, whether international or domestic, the cancellation fees of the Air Company will be applied only for the flight cancellation. The remaining services will continue to adhere to the above cancellation policy.