Next Door Still A Lot To See


It is true that we live in Cairo, but around the corner there are a lot of  treasures yet to be revealed: Pyramids, as big as the ones of Giza, that many of us haven’t see or even heard of, houses from the Mamluks Era with their beauty and mysterious atmosphere , historical mosques and churches,  Art Museums and much more.

We are trying to give a chance to our sons and daughters to explore these treasures along with the well known major sites in Cairo.

 Magic & Secrets of the Pyramid Shape

Students will learn the importance and magic of the Pyramid shape, along with how and why they were built, by seeing different models of huge pyramids: The Red Pyramid & the Bent Pyramid in Dahshour; Step Pyramid of Djoser in Sakkara; and the Great Pyramids of Giza where they will also see the unique Solar Boat.

History Museums
In one long day the students will have a “quick” review of the different Eras and Civilizations in Egyptian history: from the Pharaonic, to the Greco-Roman, and from the Coptic to the Islamic, by visiting the Egyptian Museum, the Coptic Museum and the Museum of Islamic Arts. Students will also understand the importance of the museums and their role in preserving the treasures of history.

Modern Art Museums & Galleries
Students will have a chance to understand and know more about the modern art by visiting different museums and galleries. From “ Mohamed Nagui Museum” in the Pyramids area & Modern Art Museum in the Opera House, to “Mahmoud Khalil Museum” & “Zamalek Art Gallery” in Zamalek. An expert of each place will guide the students and explain to them more about both the artists and their exhibited work.

Historical Mosques & Churches
Students will have a day when they will move from one worship house to another, all representing the Egyptian religious character and the care that was made in building these Churches and Mosques in fascinating ways. They will start the day in Old Cairo by visiting the Hanging Church, the churches of St. George & St. Sergius, and the Synagogue of Ben Ezra. They will then proceed to visit the Mosque of Amro Ibn El Ass, the Mosque & Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, Al Rifai Mosque, Al-Azhar Mosque, and proceed further to Muizz St (which is like an open museum) where they will see the Complex of Qalawun and the mosques of Al Hakim & Al Aqmar.

Mysterious Houses of Old Cairo
Here students go to the old and mysterious houses of the Mamluks Era where they will hear stories about their past glory, and how passion and conspiracies took place during this Era of the Egyptian history. From Prince Taz Palace to Beit El Keritleya, and from Zainab Khatoun House to El Set Wassila, and more in Muizz street like Beit El Sehemy, the Palace of Prince Bishtak, and Sabeel&Kottab of Selim El Selehdar.

Hand-Craft Historical Industries
This is a chance for students to know more about original Egyptian hand-crafts before some of them became extinct, students will go to these small workshops and get in touch with the workers and try with their own hands to do their job. The trip will start with a factory of hand-made carpets and information about this “fine art”. They will then proceed to the Papyrus workshop to know about this plant and its importance for knowledge and history. They will then proceed to Al Azhar area where they will go to the workshop of Al Khayamia, then further to Al Nahaseen and try to “beat the copper”, where they will try to help the workers to shape the metal.