Go For Culture


Go For Culture is a real chance for students to know the history & culture of the earliest civilizations on planet Earth. We  in Go To know dedicate ourselves to introducing to students the Egyptian history & culture in an easy & nice way, so students, by cruising with us all over the country,  will be aware of how Egypt has maintained a strikingly complex & stable culture that has influenced the later cultures of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We hope to, thereby, raise a new generation proud of their country.

Some of our trips (especially the ones related to Egyptian History) are compatible with the Egyptian Government’s History Curriculum. For these cases it is clearly mentioned for which school year the trip is recommended.


Go To Cairo, Next Door Still A Lot To See.

Week-End In Alexandria & Rosetta

Cruise To The Past, Along The Nile 

Go To Aswan

Go To Luxor

Over-Day Trip To Alexandria

Go Pottery -Tunes Village