Go Off-Road


Go Off-Road is a real chance for students to discover the desert, especially the Western one with its remarkable contents, such as: the Oasis, the Great Sand Sea, the huge Sand Dunes, Springs & Lakes, and the unique White Desert. Students will cruise the desert with 4×4 vehicles and camp the night over the sand and under the stars. In each trip there will be many things to learn, starting from the geology of this strange and beautiful part of Earth, to the Star Groups and how to recognize them using the necessary instruments. Students will get a chance to know the culture of the Oasis people directly from the people themselves and while visiting their houses. They will discover forgotten monuments like the City of Al Qasr, and learn more about the process of mummification near the largest cemetery of Golden Mummies on planet Earth. Whenever camping, everyone will share in the responsibilities for preparing the Mobile Hotel Camp, firing the BBQ, and preparing the meals, so as to learn the essence of team work. These are tough trips which consist of traveling for a long distance and are full of adventure, so everyone had better be prepared.

Long Week-end in White Desert

Mini Oasis Trip

Great Oasis Trip

Week-end on Top of Mount Moses

Sand-Boarding Over-Day Trip

Go to Whale Valley