Safety & Security

of our sons and daughters is our first priority and for which we maintain very strict procedures and rules. When designing our programs and choosing a hotel or activity center, the safety & security regulations of each place are the first issues we check:

Escorting Staff
Our escorting staff is carefully selected with a sense of responsibility, and is well trained on how to give the maximum care to students, as well as handling emergencies.

Our staff goes through a professional course on psychology with specific reference to children and teens. They are certified in First Aid & CPR courses, and their cellular phones are available 24 hours a day during the trip.

Satellite Phone & GPS
During Off-Road trips, there is a possibility of a lack of mobile network coverage in some areas of the Western Desert. Therefore, we are equipped with Satellite Phones that have full coverage of most of the world and can be used to keep continuous contact with parents. We also have GPS, which helps us navigate in the right direction, along with the experience of our professional drivers.

Emergency Contacts
Parents will receive all contact numbers of the Trip Escort in addition to the company emergency number that is available 24/7.

Only modern and high quality vehicles are used. Drivers are not allowed to exceed specific speed limits, and are not allowed to smoke inside the vehicles. All trips are daytime only, with no driving during the dark.

Hotels mentioned in each program have been selected due to their safety, quality of service, cleanliness, and quality of food. We prefer to use small hotels where is safer and easier to follow up with students. However, hotels mentioned in each program could be replaced by other hotels of the same standard and quality.

Accommodation Rules
No single accommodations are allowed. Students will only be in double or triple rooms. For out-bound trips, accommodation could be in triple or quadruple rooms. For students who need special care (such as those with allergies, or those who need to take medicine, etc), arrangements are made in advance and the utmost care is given in such circumstances.

Student Ages
It is clearly specified in each trip the age segments for which the trip is suitable. Our students are divided into:

Little Champs:       06-10 years
Junior age:            11-15 years
Senior age:            16-21 years

Behavior Rules
Students are not allowed to leave their Escort during the trip. Nevertheless, and according to the students’ age and the place that is visited, the Escort will decide if, and when, to allow free time. Alcohol & drugs are strictly prohibited, and in the case of breaking this rule, the student who does so will be sent back home immediately and will be charged any extra fees that are incurred.

Travel Insurance
In collaboration with AIG, the world leading insurance organization serving more than 70 million clients in over 160 countries, Go To Know  provides its students with coverage from a Travel Insurance Policy that has different, valuable benefits. This also includes those students who participate for only one day trips.