Useful Information


How the “Minimum Number Of Participants” Works!
Unless the trip is exclusive for a specific school /university, each trip is required to reach a minimum number of participants. This doesn’t mean, however, that the required number of students all need to book reservations together. According to the trip calendar, we collect reservations of different students from different schools / universities until we reach the minimum number needed to confirm the trip. If we cannot reach the minimum in time, we will offer an alternative date, an alternative trip, or we will fully refund the trip price.

Language Of Guided Trips
There are 2 modes regarding the language of the guided trips where a tour guide is provided:

If the trip is exclusive to a specific school/university or a group of students of the same school/university, the main language of the school/university will be applied. If the group is composed of students from several schools/universities, then English will be the language of the guided trip.

Pick-Up / Drop-Off
Pick-up time and place will be specified for each trip, taking into consideration (as much as possible) the place of residence of the students, and will be arranged with the parents/students 48 hours before the trip day. Students are kindly requested to be present at least 15 minutes before the arranged pick-up time as the trip escort will not be allowed to wait, in case of a delay, so as be on time and keep to the trip schedule. The drop-off location will be in the same place as the pick-up location.

Out-Bound Trips
Students should have a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months and parents are kindly requested to provide any documents that Embassies might ask for. Please note that the decision to approve the entry visa is taken only by the Embassy and without any guarantee from our side. In case the Embassy refuses to provide the entry visa, a full refund of the trip price will be done accordingly. It is important to notice that some Embassies do not refund the Visa Fees when the entry visa is refused. However, due to entry visa procedures for most of the countries, we advise to make the reservation for the trip at least 2 months in advance.

Convenient Clothes
As most of our time is spent outdoors, we advise students to have comfortable sports clothes, sports shoes, sun block, sun glasses, hats, etc. It is important to note, also, that in the desert, the weather is extremely cold in winter. This is especially true by night. Therefore heavy clothes are highly recommended in such cases, as well as synthetic clothes for sleeping that give more warmth. Please check the Pack & Go list of each trip.

Photography & Video
It is highly recommended to have still & video cameras as there will be very special moments and places for students to shoot. One must bear in mind, however, that there are some restrictions to respect such as refraining from taking pictures inside certain monuments, airports and military areas. Our staff will make students aware of such places. If students would like to take pictures of people, we must first ask for their permission.

Using Cellular Phones And Electronic Devices
During explanation of sights or different activities, students are requested to turn-off their cellular phones and other electronic devices in order not to miss this basic part of the trip.

Weather Sudden Change
It is important to note that sudden changes in weather can and do happen, especially in regards to weather at the Sea Side. If such changes do occur (just before departure from Cairo), the trip will be postponed to another date. If bad weather occurs during the trip and causes no possibility for an activity; there will, unfortunately, be no refund for the missing activity. Nevertheless, we do try to avoid the periods and places that are already known for having bad weather.

Payment Conditions
A down payment of 50% of the trip price can be done on the booking date with the remaining payment to be settled 30 days before the trip. If the booking date is done less than 30 days before the trip date, full payment is requested to be settled at the time of making the reservations.

Cancellation Policy
For in-bound trips, in case one needs to cancel a reservation, the following cancellation policies will be applied;

For out-bound trips, cancellation policy differs from a trip to another, however , full details will be advised at the time of reservation.

In case of trips that include flight tickets, whether international or domestic, the cancellation fees of the Air Company will be applied only for the flight cancellation. The remaining services will continue to adhere to the above mentioned cancellation policy.